Điều Bạn Chưa Biết Về Subliminal Là Gì, Bạn Có Muốn Thay Đổi Bản Thân Không

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The leader was interviewed in front of a factory to give the subliminal message that he was a man of the people.

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Subliminal advertising tries to influence people without them being aware of it, for example by showing messages for such a short time that people read them without realizing that they have done so.

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How can historical authenticity – especially if ” almost subliminal ” – be shown to be essential (rather than merely useful) to the emergence of nationalism ?
Unlike the visionary and the seer, the artist in pursuit of a new goal finds no subliminal apparatus ready to serve him.
Maybe through that whole debate being opened up people are confronting deep prejudices, subliminal prejudices, that they didn”t even realize were there.
In keeping with the structure of the target article, we will deal successively with language, transfer and reasoning, creativity, and subliminal phenomena.
However, for some of our participants, the masking may have been too fast, preventing a differential effect in the subliminal condition.
In fact, they can be more effective than other mediations by virtue of their being more subliminal, more covert.
Conscious and subliminal conflicts in normal subjects and patients with schizophrenia : the role of the anterior cingulate.
The interesting result, however, is that if the boundaries between the words have a slight, subliminal gap of 25 ms inserted between them, the grammar is easily learned.
To make sure the participants had been unable to consciously perceive the stimuli in the masked (subliminal) presentation condition, a forced-choice word discrimination task was presented.
The sub-threshold level difference between detection and discrimination tasks suggests that the subliminal processing for the discrimination task might be different from that for the detection task.
We were reminded of the powerful spiritual feelings experienced at sacred sites, and of the subliminal feelings aroused while contemplating a roaring fire or a bubbling garden stream.
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