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No Membership Means Hassle Free. Vouchers Available To Recieve Discounted Rates.

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(Masks are required)

In these times we are working extremely hard, taking care of family, battling illnesses, and working on improving wellness. Spa Lavender can improve overall health and help to decrease stress and anxiety.

A Spa LavendereGift Card is ideal for any holiday or special occasion. Whether you’re looking to send a simple “thank you” present for a kind gesture, or to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, new baby, or any holiday or event that deserves something special. The gift of spa and wellness will resonate with those you care for most.

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Our new membership with the United States Lavender Association reflects our commitment to support and promote the lavender industry through research, education, networking, marketing, and wellness. It will help us to make connections with our customers that we serve to heal and provide education on the benefits of lavender!


Check out our Spa Days. Specifically for last-minute wellness care. Offer valid for standard rates only. Offer may not be combined with any other sale, promotion, discount, code, coupon, and/or offer. Not valid online. Purchase in Spa or over the phone. Must be purchased and redeemed the same day only. Can not book Spa Day specials in advance.

With the new ways of everyday living activities, our lives have become even more challenging. Spa Lavender will help enhance relaxation and overall wellbeing, so you can attend golfing or that all day zoom meeting.

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Self-care is essential to everyone. Purchase your package today and enjoy discounted customized services enhanced with lavender. Not a lavender fan? Our customized services can be achieved without it.

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