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When you get some time to kill, there are a lot of options for you to do. You can go for a walk, gossip with your neighbor auntie, fight with your sibling or start stalking people’s Instagram profiles until you discover that you are seven years deep into the news feed of the boy who dumped you at your high school days. I have also been there.

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But, right now, I have an exciting substitute for you to do in your free time, online chat games.

Online social games are enormously attractive and addictive. The deep-seated sensation of amazement when you defeat your enemy in virtual combat is more satisfactory than anything. So, check the top ten chat rooms and games right now to pick up the perfect one for you.

What Do You Mean by Online Chat Rooms and Games?

The virtual spaces where people interact with each other by doing text, messages are called online chat rooms.

Here are some brilliant online social games that you can play with your friends and new people. You can text to one another while playing the game to express either competitive aggression to your enemies or friendliness to your team-mates.

Some online games let you talk to other gamers verbally to make it more realistic and exciting. Online chat games are a great way to kill your free time.

Where Can You Find These Types of Games?

There is a robust application, Steam. That is ready for you with a plethora of online social games. Valve launched this digital distribution service in the year 2003. Now it hosts thousands of video game software.

In the beginning, steam was a standalone application client. Later, Valve expanded the utility of the application by including games from unofficial publishers. Now you will get the extended version of steam where a useful mobile web-based e-commerce gaming website is available.

Now steam is the biggest digital distributing website where 75% of online chat games are available on computers and mobile.

11 Top Chat Rooms and Social Games you Must be Aware of as of 2020

When you blow off the steam, you find an excellent way to pass your free time. Still, personal choices differ from man to man. You may embrace a game that increases the secretion of your adrenalin and hate another game.

Therefore, let me explain to you about the top ten chat rooms video games so that you can easily find out which one is most suitable for you.

1. Fortnite 

I know you have already heard this name. And, I am sure you are brave enough to take the challenge to leap on the bandwagon.

At first, this battle game started only as an online computer game. Now you will get it as a smartphone application as well. But. Most people prefer to have it on gaming consoles. Therefore, the PlayStation is usually used to avail Fortnite.

It is a top-rated multiplayer game. You have to show excellence by beating with the fists and burning with your guns to be the champion.

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2. Planet Calypso

If you love science fiction, then Planet Calypso is going to be the best game for you. This 3D sandbox online social game reveals the exhilaration of moving but science in every spire of it.

The most excellent graphics await you here. Install it and dive into the kingdom of scientific fantasies, full of hazardous and striking enterprise.

3. Imvu

Want to meet new people and make friends? Then you are welcome to the world of Imvu. It is the best online social game ever for interacting with a large gang of cool gamers.

Here you have to select an avatar. You will play the game as your Imvu avatar. So, why late? Get into the realm of socializing. Roam around the universe and explore new friendships.

4. Planet Arkadia

It is a modern and belligerent online chat game. Here you can communicate with other gamers while you are playing.

Planet Arkadia is a martial strategic online social game. This chivalrous game throws the challenge to your bellicose entity to conquer the Oratan by using your aggressive strategies. 

Not only the dramatic graphics of the game will astonish you, but you will simply love the socializing specialty that the game offers.

5. Oz World

Since the year 1999, Oz World never stopped attracting social butterflies. If we enlist the top ten chat rooms, Oz World will be on top of this, for sure!


You can talk to a flock of fantastic people by choosing your avatar here. Moreover, other impressive features like decorating rooms and dressing us are here to satisfy your fashionable soul. The way of human communication that the game offers is magnificent.

This is the reason why Oz World is hugely popular across the globe. 

6. Lucent Heart

This online social game lets you design your character. Now your character can interact with another character in the game. Now you two can make a match and even end up being wedded.

Lucent Heart is enormously exoteric all over Asia. Now it has started gaining popularity in the USA as well.

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7. Atom Universe

This interactive online social game should be your favorite pick when you want to be a realistic virtual game. Atom Universe offers you a bunch of fun activities to do to make your character more interesting.

It is like living your daily life in a virtual world. This game lets you immerse your hobbies and meet a lot of fun-loving people like you worldwide.

8. Second Life

The online chat games that say the last words about social interaction within chat rooms, Second Life is one of the best among them. You can design your gaming persona and create your job here as per your choice. 

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Moreover, you can travel the world virtually and meet thousands of charming people. You will get uncountable opportunities to explore your socializing skills. If you desire to have a few fantastic social friends, then the Second Life is your go-to game.

9. Salem

Are you in love with historical backdrops? Then, Salen is going to be your mainstay among the top ten chat room games. This longstanding and widespread online social game throws exciting survival challenges to its users.

This game will make you feel like you are lost amidst the colonial Salem. You have to ensure your existence by collecting and assembling the stuff that is essential for your survival. 

When you play this game, you will learn several interesting facts about the difficulties that people faced in the historical colonial.

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10. Roblox

This interactive online social game can be your key to get a lot of cool gamer friends. You can interact with new people while creating and personalizing a universe that is similar to a cube. Roblox is the best game for showing your creativity and enjoying enormous freedom to make your world!

Roblox is the most entertaining game among the list of top ten chat rooms and online games.

11. One more for you

Now I’ll tell you about the online chat game that is not striking but enormously played all over the world. Yes, I am talking about Ludo. Traditionally people used to play it off-line with the ludo boards and tokens, but now this game has hit up the web and knocked out the rest!

With the latest version of online Ludo, you can play with both your friends and strangers. You can relish the excitement of this fantastic game while communicating with your friends and new peoples.


What are the Pros and Cons of Online Chat Rooms and Games?


The concept of the online chat room and the game is a conventional one. Still, the growth of this industry is increasing day by day. Are you wondering why? Definitely because of the practical advantages that a gamer avails from the online social games like:

1. New friends

The most refreshing aspect of playing online social games is interacting with new people every day and being friends with them. The people who are introvert feel free to express themselves in the stress-free ambiance of online chat rooms.

2. Enormous entertainment:

These online social games are a bunch of alluring packets, full of entertainment. Along with enjoying the excitement of the game, people can socialize and interact with strangers. So, there is no chance of boredom.

3. Team spirit:

When you nourish a relationship, playing those online social games with that person will strengthen your understanding. Those games teach you how to be a team player. That skill will help you everywhere, from your home to your workplace.

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What are the cons of online chat rooms and games?

A game is great for passing your free time, and if you talk to random strangers casually, then it’s okay. But if you cross the limit in both cases, problems may happen. What kind of problem? Let me discuss this in brief!

1. Game addiction

Enjoying online social games cause no harm. But some people forget everything while playing those games. It affects the relationships of their real lives.

Addiction in those games can steal your friends and excellent performance in studies. So, don’t log into the online chat room now and then. Keep it within the limit.

2. Time Waste

Online social games are cool. But there are more creative and constructive things to do in your real life. So, if you waste excessive time over there, then you will end up ruining your productivity.

3. Harmful Stranger

Making new friends is always excellent. But you don’t know how this person exactly is in real. You will see only that much the person wants to show you about himself/herself.

If you trust a harmful person in your online chat room and share your personal information, he/she might harm you.


What do People Think About Online Chat Games? According to Internet Research and People’s Review.

Let’s see some of the reviews of people according to internet research.

Wrapping Up

Online chat rooms and games are enormously popular because of their intrinsic feature of entertaining and rewarding people. Nowadays,Pandemic compels everyone to stay at home as much as possible. Humans are feeling isolated and depressed both at the same time.

Right now, those online social games have been a splash of fresh air in their dull lives. People are strengthening their old relations and embracing new relationships along with the excitement of play through this game. What can be more rejuvenating than this?


1. Are there still chat rooms in 2020?

Yes. There are full chat rooms and games that you can install from the app store and enjoy playing.

2. What are the best free online chatting sites?,,, are the best free online chatting sites as of 2020.

3. Can I make friends through online chat rooms and games?

Yes. You can socialize freely and make a lot of new friends over here.

4. Are our online chat rooms and games harmful?

This outcome depends on you. The chat rooms are safe until and unless you become addicted to the games or get too close with a harmful stranger.

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5. Are those chat rooms and games free?

There are some chat rooms and games that are free. For some particular ones, you have to pay.

Do let us know if you have found this article helpful in the comment section below

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