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Bo Ne Vietnamese Steak And Eggs Bo Ne Vietnamese Steak And Eggs

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Growing up in a southern family, breakfast was always important. Well, I mean, breakfast IS always important, but breakfast now isn’t the same as it was then. Breakfast at Nana’s house consisted of biscuits, sausage, maybe bacon too, sausage gravy, and eggs. The eggs were always scrambled to perfection in bacon grease. I can still smell breakfast cooking in her small kitchen.

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As a grown up, my weekday breakfast consists of a bagel and egg sandwich with a slice of cheese. A far cry from the elaborate breakfasts growing up. On the weekends, sometimes we skip breakfast for an early lunch. It wasn’t until I was on crutches teleworking that I realized how much I missed breakfast.


The hubs took care of me while I was injured. He made breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, he would cook up eggs, sausage, veggies, and cheese. Sometimes an omelet or sometimes a scramble. No matter what he cooked up it was breakfast! Which made me realize how much I miss breakfast.

Sometimes we have breakfast for dinner. I’ve served spinach baked eggs, mushroom leek hash with poached eggs, and even a savory cheddar French toast with crab hollandaise for dinner. While it’s still breakfast, it’s not breakfast. It didn’t start my day off on a deliciously good right foot!


We had this bo ne Vietnamese steak and eggs for dinner. Not that it was difficult to make or take a long time to prepare. It was the only time I think I could have convinced the hubs to eat a meal like this. He’s not a huge steak and eggs eater. He’ll do a hash before a steak any day. And loves sausage patties or crisp bacon. His steak is for lunch or dinner; not breakfast.

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Petite sirloins, also known as ball tip steaks, are a small section of the bottom round.

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Okay, time for me to talk about this hearty and flavorful breakfast! Just look at all that color in one plate! You can see the caramelization of the steak. The steak is marinated in garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and hoisin sauce for at least 30 minutes. Not that it needs the added flavor, but it does bring the dish to Vietnam.


Broil the tomatoes until blistering. They add to the butter and juices in the pan which you must clean up with the baguette. The crisp cucumbers and the charred green onions add a nice crunch to the meal. And finally, the pate is just a little bite of lushness to the dish that you wouldn’t expect. I used a champagne pate, but feel free to use whatever pate you like. Or you can completely omit it, that’s up to you.

Initially, I used a thicker cut of steak. It was delicious. And it probably would have worked a little better if I was good at timing eggs for breakfast. But, I’m not so great with that. You see, the hubs likes his eggs runny and I don’t. My yolk has to be at least an 8-minute egg. Not a 7. That’s still a little too soft for me. An 8 to 10 is perfect to me.Yes, I realize that means I have no yolk to dip my baguette in and I’m okay with that.

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I have not mastered the skill of timing eggs perfectly because when I cook eggs, which isn’t often, I cook them separately and not simultaneously. Meaning, I cook my eggs first because I don’t mind if they’re a little more done before I cook his eggs which are typically over easy. This means I have no experience as a short order cook getting both plates of eggs done at the same time.

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However, for this recipe, I had two skillets going at the same time. I started his a little after mine knowing full good and well that my eggs would need more time to cook. This kept his steak from overcooking. You don’t want to do that; overcook the steak. You can almost start the eggs and the steak at the same time if you like your eggs runny.

With so much color and flavor for one meal you’ll make this quick and easy bo ne Vietnamese steak and eggs often. Your family will love it and so will you! Do you like steak and eggs? Have you tried steak and eggs from other countries like this bo ne Vietnamese steak and eggs?

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