Dried fruits are in highest demand, such as raisins, dried plums, figs, apricots, & mulberry. The chất lượng và safety standards have always been our top priority in order khổng lồ meet customer's demands.

We alwaysoffer best kinds of dry fruits which are selected with high unique, great care và accuracy in order khổng lồ maintain the nutritional value & flavours.

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Our company havea wide and also expanding range of dates and date by-products, such as Date Biscuits (Ma'moul),Dates syrup, chocobar Dates Vinegar, và Dates Layers Cake.

All our products are processed with state of the art technologies & facilities and we continue khổng lồ offer the best service incorporating the traditions of the Arabian culture.

Within the last few years we are able to lớn market various kind of high unique dates through the five continents for various costumers.

We offering more than thirty kinds of dates in Indonesia market under one roof through our branches and wholesale centres which spread whole over Indonesia.

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Saudi Arabia

Phường.O.BOX 235669 RIYADH 11332 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Jl. Raden Inten II No.18 Duren Sawit, Jakarta Timur 13440

Phone Line 1 : +62 21 86900201

Phone Line 2 : +62 21 86903301

vccidata.com.vn company for dates is a leading company with experience for more than 3 decades in a field of retail sale, importation và exportation of foodstuff over the whole world. The company began in saudi arabia & then reached to Indonesia lớn establish its main office in Jakarta.

Since 2009, the company employed best qualifications & distinct experiencein fieldof foodstuff production và kinh doanh. the company's stuff have a full knowledge of local culture of south east of Asiaincluding Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

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vccidata.com.vn now is the owner of a trustable trademark & occupies front positionin dates market & it became a leading company in fieldof importation and kinh doanh of dates from allover the world in East of Asia.


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