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He possesses the quality peculiar to evangelists of first hypnotizing himself, so great an aid in obtaining control of those to whom he appeals.
Each one hypnotizes and takes control of a boss character at the end of one of the first seven worlds.
The plot concerns an insurance investigator and an efficiency expert who are both hypnotized by a crooked hypnotist into stealing jewels.
Many professionals think that these tests produce results because they involve attentional control and a certain level of concentration is required to be hypnotized.
In this film, instead of being androids, the wives undergo a brainwashing procedure and then take pills that keep them hypnotized.
Though prot”s dialogue is usually satirical, he turns out to be highly suggestible and easily hypnotized.
His focus was on the patients rather than the hypnotist because he believed that the patients held the important factors to be hypnotized.
The ensign is hypnotized and returned to his ship, which returns to the past to its certain destruction.
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