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GTA 5 on the PC is available for download on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.The only legitimate way to play the game on PC is through the above-mentioned platforms.

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GTA 5 is one of the most popular games even in 2020 and still runs very well on multiple platforms, including PC. Rockstar Games first rolled out the game only for consoles, and a PC version came out nearly 2 years after the console release.

GTA 5 was a huge hit on PC, much like the console version, but gaming on PC comes with a whole host of possibilities. Since modding has always been a huge part of the PC gaming experience, GTA 5 also has some of the best mods.

While this opens the door for some amazing experience while playing the game, it also makes your system vulnerable to third-party software that can damage it. It is, therefore, always advisable to download mods and other third-party software from trusted sources only.

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It is also a good move to only download mods that are popular among the GTA community as it is a good way to filter out terrible, virus-ridden files.

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GTA 5 original files download


Downloading pirated versions of GTA 5 often leads to the system running into a whole host of problems, including private files being put at risk. Therefore, it is always advisable to purchase the game from trusted platforms such as Steam and Epic Games Store.

The game is available for download on the above-mentioned platforms for reasonable prices. It is available across many different platforms but due to a PC”s more open-ended nature, it opens the door for malicious software to damage your system.

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Steam Download Link

Epic Games Store Download Link

In addition to being the legal way to play the game, purchasing the game from these platforms also gives players access to GTA Online, which is a major part of GTA 5″s appeal and can only be played if players purchase the original copy of the game.

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