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Most of story is fairly self-explanatory; you’ll want to do all quests that are either yellow (story), purple (training), or orange (raid). Raid quests only continue solo up to a certain point (after which you will need to complete the quest by doing the raid with an alliance), but are still integral in unlocking quests and receiving questline rewards.Bạn đang xem: Dungeons

With the awakening system, you’ll need to “redeem” achievements from Hongmoon Skills in your achievement menu (default hotkey “U”), and redeem the “Level 60” achievement when possible for skill points. Note that you should complete the purple quest “Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan” before starting on the last raid quest.

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Part 1: Just Finished Story

Coming out of the story, you should have the following gear equipped (with your Hongmoon Points distributed among Offense and Focus, prioritizing Offense breakpoints first):

Dawnforged/Riftwalk Weapon

5 Pentagonal Gems (Diamond, Ruby, Amethyst, Citrine, and Sapphire)

Solak Accessories

Stormbringer Pet Aura

Stormbringer Heart

Stormbringer Soul

5 Set Skybreak Spire (BT) Soulshield, 3 Set Midnight Skypetal Plains (MSP) Soulshield

A note about the weapon: Story gives you Dawnforged/Riftwalk Stage 3 from a story raid quest, or you can purchase it from the merchant Junsorei in Mushin’s Tower.

Celestial Basin

Celestial Basin is located in the southeastern area of the Gunwon City area. You are going to be spending a lot of time here. The goal here is to farm Celestial peaches to turn into NPC Vendor Lee Youjin in exchange for upgrade materials, Soul/Mystic Badges, and depending on your current needs, various other items.

From the Peach Vendor in this area, you can obtain:

Eminence XP Charms, available to HM14 and below charactersMystic Badges

And more!


The NPC in the middle here, Lee Youjin.

Dungeons At this Gear Level

You should be able to LFP (Looking for Party) into the following dungeons without issue, or join/create F8 lobbies for them. Doing these dungeons daily will help you build your gold reserves, and provide basic upgrade materials for your weapon. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOU SHOULD READ UP ON DUNGEON MECHANICS BEFORE YOU ENTER THEM, EXCEPTION BEING TO ANYTHING BELOW EBONDRAKE CITADEL IN THE F8 LIST.

Cold StorageHeaven’s Mandate (Requires an Orb of Ascension)Tower Of Infinity 3 winsNaryu SanctumIrontech ForgeEbondrake LairStarstone MinesHollow’s HeartEbondrake LairStarstone MinesHollow’s Heart

Daily Challenge At this Gear Level

You should aim to complete the 3 easiest challenges at your current gear level. This will be Brawl in the Basin (kill 1 of the 3 basin mini bosses), and two of the remaining challenges off the Daily Challenge list for that day. This will allow you to start gathering materials and Solar Energy for you to use for your soul badge.Weekly Raids/Challenge

At this point you should be able to get into parties recruiting for the Weekly raids Dawn of Khanda Vihar (DKV), Fallen Aransu School (FAS), and Snowjade Fortress (SJF). To unlock these raids, you need to complete the Orange quests “Dawn of Khanda Vihar” (done previously if you followed this guide) and “Fate of the Aransu”. You will only be able to complete these quests up to a certain point, and then it requires beating Raven King and Hive Queen to proceed (don’t worry about that now).

These raids give you a good amount of gold, Raven Feathers, Hive Queen Wings, and various materials. Do them every single week. Raven Feathers and Hive Queen wings are essential for upgrading the next 2 tiers of soul shields, as well as raid Legendary Accessories (Ring and Earring from Raven King, Necklace from Hive Queen)

Before you do these raids, accept the quest “Know Thine Enemy Part 1”.

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This quest gives the last remaining pieces of the Skybreak Spire (BT) soulshield set, pieces 6, 7, and 8. It also rewards a Heptagonal Amethyst. It requires completing, in order:

Fallen Aransu SchoolSnowjade FortressHall of the KeeperHall of the Templar

If you cannot find people willing to accept you into premade parties, feel free to make your own- just announce that you are recruiting for the weekly quests, and people will apply to join your party. Be sure to know the mechanics of these dungeons before you start doing them. The best time to do weekly quests is on reset day- Wednesday for NA/EU.

Part 2: Getting your First Legendaries

You should now focus on getting your legendary bracelet, mystic badge, and Soul Badge.

This will require completing at least two quests, The Dead Refuse To Die and Know Thine Enemy Part 2. Know Thine Enemy Part 2 is what gives you your bracelet, and The Dead Refuse To Die is a requirement to unlock Know Thine Enemy Part 2, as well as a source for your first mystic badge.

Quest: The Dead Refuse to Die

You must complete, in order:

A quest to kill one of the Celestial Basin bossesHeaven’s MandateCold StorageA quest to defeat the Searstrike Sisters at the 16th floor of Mushin’s Tower

This awards your choice of mystic badge (refer to the BnS Academy class channel for which one you should pick).

Quest: Know Thine Enemy Part 2

This quest gives you your legendary bracelet (refer to the BnS Academy class channel for which one you should pick), as well as a Heptagonal Diamond. It requires completing, in order:

Naryu SanctumIrontech ForgeEbondrake LairStarstone MinesHollow’s Heart

Note that you must complete the second raid questline “Fate of the Aransu – Chapter 4: Vale of Tears” to access Ebondrake Lair.

Soul Badge

After about a month of playing, you should be getting close to having enough Solar Energy to buy your Soul Badge from Dragon Express (125 Solar Energy, or appx. 25 -30 Days of Daily Challenges). If you are one of the lucky classes that uses Eternity or Transcendence, you can instead buy them for 15,000 Celestial Peaches (or get them from Midnight Skypetal Plains), and skip the month wait. If you are a class that uses a soul badge from the Glory Token line (Glory or Sagewood), it may be possible to purchase it outright with gold, because Glory Tokens are usually very cheap on the marketplace.

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Midnight Skypetal Plains

Midnight Skypetal Plains (otherwise known as MSP) is a 12-player instance that has no lockout, accessible from the portal near House of Pleasures in Zaiwei. The boss in Midnight Skypetal Plains, Sacred Longgui, has six stages, each with their own loot that drops once you defeat him. This loot can be exchanged in Midnight Skypetal Plains itself, featuring some rewards that otherwise only drop in raid instances with weekly lockouts.

Soulshield Fusing and Reinforcement

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